The Friend of Foreign Service Medal

2016/01/06 January 6th, 2016, an honored and glorious evening for TEX-RAY. The Friend of Foreign Service Medal Awards ceremony was held successfully by Mr. David Lin, the minister of foreign affairs. Mr. Ray Lin, the chairman of TEX-RAY and the Honorary General Consul of Taiwan was awarded this honor to recognize the outstanding contribution to the promotion of the bilateral relations between Taiwan and The Kingdom of Swaziland. Guests who attended the ceremony included diplomats and representatives of many countries took this opportunity to give Chairman Lin their highest degree of appreciation and their deepest blessing.

“TEX-RAY has been operating business in The Kingdom of Swaziland since 2002 and it’s the largest textile manufacturer in the country and the largest fabric supplier in South Africa. TEX-RAY has created thousands of job opportunities and has made an outstanding contribution for Swaziland’s economy and social development; Chairman Lin has been actively involving in promoting essential cooperation between Taiwan and Swaziland by holding charitable activities. <TEX-RAY Swaziland Charitable Fund Account> was established since 2007 to hold donation activities with charities every year and to donate supplies to children’s home,” said Mr. David Lin. All these activities show the love from Taiwan and fully embody to the spirit of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Chairman Lin said, “We give back where we take from” is always the original intention when TEX-RAY first decided to develop in The Kingdom of Swaziland. So, besides all the events that are happening in Swaziland, TEX-RAY has also been taking good care of students who came from Swaziland to study in Taiwan; we provide scholarship every year for the students and hoping that they will bring their knowledge and experience back home. The effort TEX-RAY has made won’t stop, and we will keep going on with passion and a heart full of thanks. We appreciate the affirmation and support from all sectors and hope that The Kingdom of Swaziland will gain more resource and care to live better lives.