TexRay/AIQ knits the long-term care (LTC) dream into the apparel

TexRay Industrial Co., Ltd., one of the pioneers in smart clothing industry with capability of smart clothing customization, just launched the new multi bio-monitoring smart apparel on 7th of December in Yi-De Nursing Center.

With the facilitation of new smart clothing connected to monitoring platform and internet service, Yi-De Nursing Center is able to look after those hospitalized patients under long-distance surveillance just by collecting the personal bio-data, which could be compiled as the data base for further medical tracking and study as well. This innovative method for long-term care (LTC) service is the fruition of tri-lateral collaboration of three different fields including Textile industry, Healthcare industry, and Electronic industry.

Taiwan is a highly populated country. According to HPA (Health Promotion Administration), Taiwan would become an” Aging Society” by 2026, saying among four or five people, there is an elder person. With the rising demands for smart medical device, AIQ(King’s Metal Fiber Technologies Ltd.), the branch company dedicated to smart clothing business under TexRay Group, has incorporated the LTC concept into smart clothing by collaborating with Chang Gung University, Simplo Technology Co. Ltd., TouchLife Tech. Under the 2-year smart clothing project with Yi-De Nursing Center affiliated to Min Sheng Healthcare, this new multi-bio monitoring smart apparel has been successfully created for collecting info such as ECG, respiration, temperature, perspiration, posture…etc., breaking the restriction of distance for LTC.

The highlight of the new multi-bio monitoring smart apparel is its ability to detect the ECG data and even the slight physiological changes, making it the rising star for the healthcare industry. By renovating, the new model is much more comfortable and precise for bio-data, posture and location detection. Yi-De Nursing Center utilizes this new model connected to the monitoring platform for their patients, who could call for help just by pressing the button attached to the smart apparel and the platform would immediately send the CNA(Certified Nurse Aide) to the patients. For those LTC centers with broad dimension, this new model is able to take the LTC service to the next level with greater efficiency and quality.

Smart clothing could be categorized into five based on the user scenarios and functionalities: Entertainment、 Athletic、Resident Care、 LTC、Professional medical usage. For various requirements, the smart clothing could be customized to obtain desired info. For example, besides the multi bio-data smart clothing, there are some models specifically designed for posture、 motion、body temperature detection. Till now, there is no testing standards or regulations for smart clothing. Now the Taiwan Smart Textile Association (TSTA) founded by TEEMA、Taiwan Garment Industrial Association、TTRI、ETC and other relevant industries, has been well established to accelerate the standard ‘s setting up and to take the electronic and textile industry in Taiwan to the next level under the expectation for a pioneering leadership in smart clothing industry of the world.