The accomplishment of a given task measured against preset known standards of accuracy, completeness, cost, resilience, strength and speed.

TexRay offers a wide range of performance solutions for your projects.


As science and technology development progresses, living standard improves and people are much more health aware these days.
However in the everyday environment, bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms exist everywhere, threatening human health.
Anti-bacterial R&D is a must and effectively reduce or prevent bacterial cross-infection and disease spread.

Adding the Anti-Bacterial agents in the textile, it strengthens the anti-bacteria effect and keeps daily clothing fresh and clean.
As the agent can be refined by new chemical mix, the fabric can be tended to a multi-effect such as 3 in 1 features including Anti-bacterial, UV protection and chemical wicking.

Moisture Management
The fundamental requirement for a good sports and leisure wear is to have the ability to be absorbent, quick drying and maintaining coolness temperature. We use well-known textile pharmaceutical brands like 3M, Clariant, Huntsman and or Taiwanese brand, and in accordance with fabric intensity, color and thickness to reproduce the three in one effect of Anti-Bacterial, UV Protection, and Chemical Wicking to our fabric.
UV Protection

The Sun’s ultraviolet rays, not only makes textiles to fade and brittle, it can cause burning and aging of skin, produces melanin and pigmentation and in some severe cases causes skin cancer.
So the sun protection for consumers in everyday life is more crucial as ever,

We measured the textile intensity, color and thickness, and then added the UV Protection agents accordingly to reproduce UV resistance fabric of UPF15+, UPF25+ and UPF45+ levels.
This unique pharmaceutical compound process gives it triple effect of Anti-Bacterial, UV Protection, Chemical Wicking to our fabrics.

The COOLMAX® fabric series delivers 3 types of performance level for active wear, which adhere to crucial manufacturing standards.

LYCRA® , a proprietary production of a synthetic elastic fibers by INVISTA, free to stretch four to seven times and quickly return to its original length after release.
It cannot be used alone but is highly compatible to combine woven with other man-made or natural fiber.
It does not change the appearance of the fabric, but the unique character can greatly improve the performance of the combined fabric.

Lycra’s bi-directional elasticity provides maximum comfort and freedom of movement.
The application of Lycra extends widely across.Adding some Lycra to T-shirts, underwear, sport wear and others will offer comforting fit, stretching and mobility.
And in most case it improves fabric handle, better drape and crease recovery, giving combined fabric new vitality.


Supplex® is a product by INVISTA. It offers the feel of cotton, soft smooth touch, and Nylon’s high strength and durability.
This advanced fiber technology makes Supplex® flexible, lightweight and 26-36% softer than standard Nylon.

Garments made with cotton tend to crease and shrink easily, and they often fade in color.
So Supplex® was developed of having the benefits of cotton, without the pitfalls. By developing SUPPLEX® fabrics are not only anti-abrasion, breathable, holds shape, anti-tear, waterproof, dries fast, retains color and can be UV protective.
It’s uniquely 100% Nylon, but has all the advantages of cotton product.
When combined with Lycra fiber, SUPPLEX® can bring comfort, fit and freedom of movement, hence it can be suitable for making active wear for Yoga, Ballet, and Gymnastic.


TACTEL® is a unique revolutionary high-tech fiber by INVISTA. It offers a soft feel and gorgeous appeal.

Comfort – relocate moisture to outside of fabric to reduce cold sweat
Light & Soft – Multi filament, increasing soft and comfort without using fabric softener. TACTEL® is much softer than other fabrics
Strength – TACTEL® inherits Nylon’s strength, anti-tearing.
Clean – Easy to clean. Endue low temperature washing. Dries faster than 100% cotton products, energy efficient.
Our company manufactures the TACTEL® Strata and TACTEL® Diabolo yarns.
TACTEL® Strata – Different shades of color change surface, brings special effects to the surface layer
TACTEL® Diabolo – has a unique luster and drape, brings quality texture and feel

Meryl Fiber

Meryl is the latest innovation by the European nylon manufacturer Nylstar.
This fabre has reproduced into many products such as Meryl Satine (with appearance comparable to silk), Meryl Nexten (hollow fiber), Meryl Spring (look and feels like pure cotton), which also has anti-UVA/UVB feature.
This are among the most advanced Polyamide fiber today, and is one of the new material used in many current European underwear productions.

Being the newly defined ultra-fine synthetic, Meryl is well known for its unique technology that refines fiber to less than 10 μ of fineness.
The unimaginable soft touch feel surpasses silk much more. It creates a skin like second layer to the wearer as it fits comfortably and perfectly along bodyline like no other.
As well as ventilation effect, easily washable, easy care plus the quick dry time of three times faster than cotton.


Modal® by Austrian company LENZING, is a processed bio-based textile made from reconstituted cellulose from the European beech tree.
It is a natural fiber similar to cotton. Modal fiber has good dying property and strong performance. Color and brightness retention are much better, and it is comfortable to wear.
In comparison to cotton, where the more it is washed the more the fabric hardens, Modal fiber is completely opposite in this regards.
The more it is washed, the more it becomes softer and the color remains vibrant as ever. Modal also provides good body moisture absorbent and when combined with other fiber the effects are also quite good.

With all the above features, Modal fiber presents itself with silky alike feel and shine, elegant look as well as enhancing the clothing grade.It is very soft to the touch and tones to body shape.


Polypropylene Multi-Filament is produced from the process of refining and petrochemical naphtha crack, where by-products formed and then through polymerization of the resin and the textile spinning process.

1.featherweight : in all variety of fibers, P.P fiber ration is only 0.91, and is the only fiber that can float on the water.
2.Non-Toxic : Polypropylene is combined from carbon, hydrogen compound. It does not contain chlorine and nitrogen hence will not affiliate pollution and or any toxic gas during manufacturing process.
3.Color retention : it is dyed directly from raw silk, so the color lock on is very good.
4.Bright Color : As it is dyed on directly from silk, the color is vibrant and bright, best for whiteness.
5.Quick-dry : Kimisada rate 0%, does not absorb moisture at all, therefore fastest drying fiber.
6.Cleanliness : PP yarn cannot be dyed again after, it is most clean.
7.Healthiness : as it will not absorb moisture, it is free from bacteria, so it’s widely used in surgical sutures and food industry.
8.Low thermal conductivity index : PP is low thermal conductivity itself, the insulation is very good as it is better than wool and 3 times more index than cotton.
9.Low electric charge : In the synthetic fiber, it has the lowest electric contraction and is negative against metals.
10.Heat resistance : PP’s soft point, melting point is higher than Poly Ethylene. But low compare with Nylon polyester, the processing temperature is usually around 140℃ – 160℃.
11.Feel:its comparable to silk, soft and delicate feature.


TENCEL® is one of the world’s most recognized brands for lyocell fiber.Based on the natural fiber, it is a biodegradable man-made fabric from purified wood pulp cellulose and a 100% plant fiber.
People often held TENCEL® to represent milestone for comfort, casual but also refined.
It possesses the breathable comfort from the natural fiber characteristic, as well as the made-made durability and easy care feature.Its soft comfort, drape, smoothness and durable aspect are most unique for TENCEL® lyocell.
Used for elegant drape design knitwear to the high flexible and comfortable knitwear

TENCEL® features
-Excellent dimensional stability, woven fabric up to 3% shrinkage and knitting with a 5% and under shrinkage.
-wrinkle resistance, softness, vertical resistance and luster of the silk.
-Peach-Skin effects (fibrosis effect)
-A100 has the effect of non-micro fiber, and has an easy-to-dye process