TEX-RAY has received ISO 50001:2011 Certificate


According to the report from International Organization for Standardization (ISO), on September, 240 organizations in Taiwan has established energy management system (EnMS) and has received the ISO 50001 certification; not only ranked second in Asia, but also ranked 7th worldwide. This result shows that Taiwan’s corporations are active on improving energy management.

The main objective of ISO 50001 is to set up an International Energy Management System to improve energy-related performance, energy efficiency, as well as reducing energy consumption.

After receiving the guidance from SGS Taiwan, TEX-RAY’s yarn dye factory located in Tainan has received ISO 50001:2011 certificate. Based on the management system model of ISO 50001, TEX-RAY succeeded in integrating energy management, also to improve the quality and efficiency of environmental management. The processes achieve the simultaneously objectives of environmental sustainability and corporate profitability.

Facing the challenge of global warming and scarcity of natural resources, receiving the ISO 50001 certification is not only a short-term tasks achievement of TEX-RAY, but also a long-term commitment— considering Energy Efficiency and Carbon Reduction are essential elements of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).