Attainments in smart clothing development, TEX-RAY Obtains the Government Project Contract

Gartner recently has released a report of wearable devices showing that with the increasing market demand, health wearable products will become a hot topic in 2016; among these products, smart clothing is considered as “the most potential product”, and will become a big-scale health wearable device. The market was less than 100,000 value in 2013, but it’s projected a 26 million dollars market in 2016.

King’s Metal Fiber, the subsidiary of TEX-RAY, has the most advanced metal fiber technology in the world, it plays as an important role in coordinating between textiles and electronics industries. Moreover, with 7 years of smart clothing development, AiQ, another subsidiary of TEX-RAY will lead the trend of health wearable products.

Even though wearable devices are the Next Big Things, the world is still waiting for the right time and the right applications that can meet the consumer’s needs. King’s consideration of applying smart clothing to medical aid and health care would be it; it can enhance the quality of medical treatments and health cares with lower cost. This goal has been approved by government relevant departments, research institutions, medical institutions, insurance companies, and consumers.

Senior’s Home Care is an issue that the world will face. The Executive Yuan has approved a “long-term care Decade Plan”, and expected to spend 81.7 billion to construct a long-term care system; smart health textile development and production will have a huge impact on the textile industry and nursing care field, personal care, and home care application.

King’s proposed “The Mass Production Plan of Smart Clothing for Seniors Care and System Development”, and signed a project contract with Ministry of Economy’s Science and Technology Research and Development Project with Institute for Industry Information, that is authorize by industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs; hoping to make a contribution to the seniors care.