TexRay in TITAS 2016, Innovation X Smart X Performance

TITAS (Taipei Innovative Textile Application Show) celebrated its 20th anniversary this year with the largest salon yet, 800 booths and 376 exhibitors coming from ten different countries.
Within this many exhibitors, one of the top searched company – TexRay had already been participating to this grand event for many years.

On the 20th edition of the textile fair; Smart Clothing and Performance Fabrics were the two main focus for buyers; President Tsai who attended the opening ceremony was also interested in the development of these industry; she visited TexRay to learn more about Smart Clothing and Performance Fabrics innovation while taking a tour at the exhibition; since Taiwan produces the best performance fabrics worldwide, she said that the government will support textile industry with international trade agreements of regional integration; she also declared that the government encourages Taiwan’s two strongest industry- textile and technology to work together for the Smart Clothing industry development and lead the future of Taiwan’s development.

TexRay does not only lead ahead the development of Smart Clothing but also keeps innovating to integrate performance fabrics and technologies altogether.
This year with the aim to create clothing that fits the needs of the market using advanced textile technology, TexRay announced four new product lines which include T-MappingTM , the physiological mapping of human motion; DrySwitchTM , the one-way hygroscopic technology; CoolitolTM , the instant cooling system; and last but not least, WoolmiracleTM , the perfect blending of wool;
no matter what kind of environment, users are able to experience the best comfort in the garment created by TexRay.


President Tsai visiting TexRay for introduction of Smart Clothing and Performance Fabrics


TexRay colleagues interacting with customers


TexRay Booth