319 Texray, Taiwan Medical Mission, Taipei Medical University Charity Event

2016.March.19th,was a most memorial day for us all in Texray Swaziland.

In the early morning at AM5:30, the Texray volunteers start off from the factory with lots of donation goods and our whole heart. Our destination is a rural area called Lavumisa Somntongo, here is also the torrid hot and most draught area in the whole Kingdom.


For the donation goods, we prepared the local food, maize meal (5kg per bag), the trousers, blankets, milk and bread, total 1730 portions. We made the distribution vouchers based on the name list provide by the local chief. On the name list are the orphans, the elderly and the disable people who in need for help. People can receive their donation goods on March 19th with their voucher.

We arrived around AM 9:00, once we arrived, our volunteers, around 60 people; spontaneously started to set up the site and carry the goods. Under the burning hot sunlight, no matter Taiwanese, Chinese, Sri Lankanese, or Philippines, even Swazis, we all sweat out our strength in carrying the goods.


(from right:The Chairman of Texray Group, Ray Lin、 The Ambassador, Thomas Chen. The President of Texray SZ, Ricky Tai)


(Ray Lin and Thomas Chen photo with Texray SZ volunteers)

007(Ray Lin and Ricky Tai photo with Taiwan Medical Mission and the delegation od Taipei medical University)

008(Texray SZ donate the goods worth E200,000)

Not only Texray was having charity donation, the Taiwan Medical Mission and the delegation of Taipei Medical University was also having medical check-up outreach at the same venue. Therefore, more than 3,000 people came for medical care and distribution goods were crowded. Our volunteers secured around the Goods, and our administration officer urgently communicate with M.P. and social police, request for order. Under the cooperation of both parties, the site finally back to order, people lined up with their voucher, received the goods with joy.


The reason for this charity event, is to complish the former manager Jim Wang’s (Wang, Chien-Min) will.


On the end of October, 2015, the M.P. of LAVUMISA SOMNTONGO drove a shabby van with a hand writing letter came to Jim. He was here to request donation for his suffered people and wish Jim can help them with some food or clothes. Because of the draught, his people are dying. However, not untill Jim can accomplish his promise, he suddenly passed away. Before his death, all he want was to deliver the food to Lavumisa and hand to those pitiful people. Texray Swaziland here also have to thanks for the Taiwan Medical Mission, and their chief Dr. Du. When Dr. Du aware of Jim’s will, he immediatly agreed to have co-medical outreach together. With their cooperation, the people in Lavumisa received more love from Taiwan. Together, we accomplished Jim Wang’s will, his love is here never away.