2016 TexRay Smart Clothing Spotlighted in Half Marathon held by Industrial Development Bureau

One of the Spotlights of the half marathon this year held by Industrial Development Bureau is “Smart Clothing”, sponsored by TexRay Industrial Corporation, the runners and volunteers had the chance to experience smart clothing while running.

Under the guidance of Industrial Development Bureau¸ a subsidiary company of TexRay- King’s Metal Fiber Technologies has developed the key technology— Metal Fiber. This technology is able to refine the metal into 1/20th of a human hair, and with the integration of the textile technology from AiQ, another subsidiary company of TexRay, “Smart Clothing” was born and just became available for the public to pre-order on PChome.

Alex Young, CEO of TexRay said, “Smart Clothing” can detect speed, blood pressure, heart rate, burned calories and more through conductive metal fiber which help athletes to do health management; it can also be integrated with smartphone and APP to be recorded, create personal reminders or gather up friends to do exercise.

Recently, TexRay who holds the key technology and material has been actively discussing with major sports brand about cooperation for smart clothing development. Mr. Young said that TexRay may develop a new smart clothing brand in the future, we expect 2017 to be a fruitful year.
img20161011-1                                                                            Marathon runners with AiQ Smart Clothing

img20161011-2Director of Industrial Development Bureau Huei-Song Hong, Left, with Alex Young,
the CEO of TexRay Industrial Corporation. Photo by Lee Yan-Chi