2015 Love in Swaziland


The Kingdom of Swaziland, a friendly diplomatic country of Taiwan, is suffering from drought, continuous long hot summer weather and water shortage make it hard for crops to grow, and also inflicts heavy losses on the animal husbandry. According to the estimation of the Swaziland government, the food shortage problem will become more severe in February 2016; there will be 200,000+ residents live in hunger because of the drought.

TEX-RAY Group has always been offering close attention to public welfare, especially to the loving people in the Kingdom of Swaziland; TEX-RAY has cooperated with Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to deliver 40 tons of donated rice from Taiwan to Swaziland, and then to eight seriously affected regions through the arrangement of the Vice-premier’s Office of Swaziland.

The charity from TEX-RAY won’t stop as long as the drought continues in The Kingdom of Swaziland. What we’ve sent is not only our blessing and love from Taiwan to the people of Swaziland, but also our wishes that they won’t be hungry and helpless, together with our prayers for them to overcome the tension of drought and starvation.